-    Interregional healthcare tourist network

Health Tourism is the opportunity to combine health services with a holiday. The advantage lies in the possibility of using the most advanced medical technology, the most specialised staff, efficient organisations with the shortest possible timeframe, and combining health, well-being and relaxation in a single experience. Medical treatments that do not require long hospital stays make it possible to enjoy a period of relaxation in accommodation facilities and in tailor-made itineraries, where one can come into contact with nature, culture and customs of the places visited. The project aims to propose routes that are designed to be tailor-made for chronic illnesses. The highly modular nature of the project has enabled the creation of a platform devoted to inclusiveness, allowing constant updating of health tourism routes at interregional level.

-    Valorization of a historical site in Maglie (IT)

The Villa Comunale in the town of Maglie (IT) is the subject of a major conservation and enhancement project. It has an irregular shape and extends over 7 hectares. The land has a natural slope at the centre of the villa, with a height difference of about 6 metres. The Villa is divided into two areas, each with its own distinct character: the area near the main entrance is structured as an Italian-style garden, while the rest follows more of an English style. The intervention has taken into account the peculiarities of the project, creating a path designed to combine health, wellness and relaxation in a single experience.

-    Cross Border touristic routes solutions

One of the wISHfUl (Ict for Smart Healthcare toUrism) project outputs is the Web Platform, linked to the WPT2, developed by University of Salento and Municipality of Maglie. The entire partnership has contributed to populate the platform through the data collected. This innovative cross-border platform can integrate cross-Regional touristic places and health services across the Region, effectively creating a collaboration network of services providers.
This platform is an innovative instrument that supports smart and accessible tourism, especially tourists with specific needs (chronic patients and people with disabilities). The platform, in fact, can provide facilitated access and tailored solutions based on the needs and expectations of the tourists with specific needs, thus increasing the accessibility of the touristic offer. By rendering the natural and cultural assets more accessible and integrated, the platform can improve their attractiveness. Also, the platform can empower users’ feedback and the possibility to add other touristic destinations, always tailored with the specifical needs of the patients. The platform can also, in time, stablish a brand reputation to the touristic offer in the Programme Area. You can access the platform at the following link: https://wishful.eu/